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We deliver empowering, engaging and enjoyable learning & development content in an easily accessible and professional location.

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We are successful through many.

Every job, in every industry has different requirements, even if the title is the same. We are lucky to have some of the finest training minds with international experience, available to us to utilise for different projects. We match individuals to projects.

Our partners are André Bozon and Steve Oliver. They have been working together for many years and prefer not to think of how long this has been, suffice to say the length of time can be counted in double digits. They have been working more specifically on joint learning projects since 2018.

“Inspiration is key.”

Andre Bozon

André worked for Honda for over 13 years with his principal role being the development and delivery of commercial training following a role in Product Planning. His ability to format content and deliver it in a relaxed but purposeful manner his led to him implementing courses for automotive clients (e.g. Peugeot, Renault, Suzuki, Ducati, Kawasaki etc.) as well as organisations in other sectors (e.g. software, accounting, children’s day nurseries, drilling & piling equipment). Additionally, he creates content for manufacturer films for sales teams and customers.

“Content is king.”

Steve Oliver

Steve also worked at Honda where he spent 11 years in senior roles including Customer Service, and Network Development and consequently worked for Infiniti Europe (Director Northern Europe) and BMW Group GB (General Manager Corporate Sales). Additionally, Steve worked for 6 years at a customer research consultancy leading customer satisfaction and mystery shopping projects for brands like Mazda Europe, Nissan GB and Hyundai UK. Steve is also heavily involved in training as well as consultancy and is a qualified ILM L7 Executive Coach.

We deliver targeted learning through micro-training.

Using specialist knowledge from years of industry experience with small businesses to multinationals. Micro-training comes in small bursts… around 15 minutes combined with support learning exercises designed to embed it.

Micro-learning is a single, or in our case, series of small e–learning sessions, lasting no more than 15 minutes, focused on a key topic.

Being delivered on-line, it can be accessed by a variety of devices and allows learners to truly learn either in business hours or their free time.

Think about it….

….just 15 minutes

about 4 songs!

one coffee break

If you saw it really making a difference, would you make it available once a day?

These are questions for you to answer, but we are jumping ahead of ourselves.
For now, you have the definition.

Does it work?

We’d say yes… but then we would. Some stats for you:


A study in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that microlearning was 17% more efficient in transferring knowledge than typical classroom training.


According to RPS research Micro-learning improves focus and supports long-term retention by up to 80%. Dependent on the subject, micro-learning can be offered as a stand-alone product or to enhance other learning forms.


From a report by Software Advice, The LMS Features that Drive Employee Engagement Industry View; ”Most employees surveyed (58%) would be more likely to use their company’s online learning tools if the content was broken up into multiple, shorter lessons.”


EdApp reports that microlearning results in learner engagement to soar from an industry average of 15% up to 90%.

There are many more, but hopefully this gives a good overview.

What’s it cost?

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There’s no trainer to pay for every time it is delivered, nor a venue or catering. Then there’s no travel time or cost for your participants.

Our structure is simple and you don’t need to subscribe if you don’t want to… but we hope you will.
Prices available to suit all budgets and requirements

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