Let’s Motor

The Motor industry is just one example of where we have experience and is one of our key focuses as we build the business.

Experience from within

Combining extensive experience from within the industry as well as a broad range of other industries, we bring together practices we know will make a difference; improving customer experience, volume and, therefore, profit.

However, as with all our training, we know that people will not participate unless they can see the benefits. So, how do we demonstrate that?

Well, as sales people,

we start by appealing to their hearts….

…. well, by that we mean their wallets!

Motivate Yourself!

Our training is designed to make a difference – it focuses on objectives; if you want to achieve X, then you need to do Y. We know you will at least try something if you understand why.

As a sales person, your world centres around commission. You must sell more profitably from all the customers you come into contact with.
It means improving conversion ratios, so here is our first thought provoker:

Remember: This is not being recorded, its just for fun.

Enter number of contacts per year

100%Get a welcome
84%Welcome Presentation
72%Presentation Test-drive
75%Test drive Offer
84%Offer Close

This is just the short version for fun. On the programme we use more detail, participants enter real data and they give themselves areas to focus on.

Now, we are learning with a purpose. Want to know more?

In the Zone

A new venture based on decades of experience.
We deliver virtual learning and development content via a flexible platform.